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Mental Health Counseling Scholarship Donations

Intensive Healing Retreat Scholarship Donations

Educational Scholarship Donations for Mental Health Counselors and Family and Marriage Therapists specializing in Trauma Informed Counseling

Make a donation for mothers who have lost a child and are debilitated from grief and not able to work for a period of 1 to 2 months

Make a donation to our fully self-sustaining, eco friendly, negative carbon footprint building fund

Make a donation for frontline clinicians who have experienced compassion fatigue and/or who are struggling with suicidality and need funds to cover basic needs in order for them to take much needed time off.

Every Donation Is Helping Us to Create a Friendlier World by Transforming and Transcending Trauma 

Together we can transform and transcend personal social, and ecological trauma within us as individuals, within our communities and globally.  There are several ways to donate and you can choose either a general donation in which we will apply to the area of greatest need or you can make a specific donation to your cause of choice. 

We love and appreciate all donations. We especially love monthly donations and ask that you consider a small donation that you would not miss on a monthly basis. 

A little goes a long ways and a lot goes even further. If 100,000 people all donated $5.00/month we would have $500,000 a month to offer scholarships for counseling services, healing retreats, and to help support healers in pursuing trauma informed modalities. We could also build negative carbon footprint spiritual healing centers throughout the US that would model personal, social and ecological healing. 

We also offer the ability to make a monthly donation in honor of your loved one who has passed from a personal, social or ecological trauma.  For a $25/month donation we will add your loved ones name to our Remembrance Page. Simply list their name on the PayPal donation page and if you would like you can add inscribe a message that will be attached to their name as a hyperlink  ðŸ˜Š You can also email us at [email protected] or call us at 425.553.2048 for assistance.

Thank you so much for helping us bring forth more compassion, wisdom, tolerance, love, generosity, creativity, joy, and playfulness to the world. We are all connected through the great web of life. When I heal, you heal and when you heal, I heal.