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Our Mission

United Trauma Center's mission is to help reverse the current rising rates of depression and suicide by treating three of the main sources, personal, social, and ecological trauma.

In order to do this we need the healers themselves to be adequately supported. Given the spiritual and mental health emergencies occurring globally the psyches of our front line workers are getting hit hard. We need to ensure that their spirits are lifted and they are filled with hope and optimism to get all of us through these difficult times. It is imperative that we offer a sanctuary of safe space to heal their own souls from the heavy emotional loads they are carrying.  

Our Story

United Trauma Center is a non-profit 501c3 aimed at integrating mental health, nutrition, spirituality, and the environment in healing. Melanie Vallee founded United Trauma Center to help bridge the gap between mental health, addiction, spirituality and trauma. She recognized that in order to address the mental health crisis all forms of trauma need to be addressed which include personal, social and ecological. Melanie is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Supervisor in Washington State. She owns and operates Eastside Counseling Center in Kirkland, WA. She holds a Master’s Degree in Systems Counseling and Alcohol and Drug Counseling. She is currently in a Ph.D. program developing a new integrative model for understanding and transforming depression, addiction and suicidality. Her research is aimed at transforming our current medical model that help increase accessibility for the treatment of mental health and addiction counseling. 

Melanie embodied the challenges many people experience accessing help, especially single mothers. She was raised by a teenage single mother with a family history of PTSD, depression, bipolar, and addiction. This made it easy for her to understand how challenging it can be to fight through the system and rise above addiction, poverty, abuse, mental health, and trauma.  She recognized how difficult it is for under-privileged people to afford quality trauma-informed counseling. Melanie and her children were like  millions of people in the world suffering from the devastating effects of unresolved complex childhood trauma. The lack of support, education, and resources made it difficult for her and her children to access the support they needed. Tragically three months after her son graduated from WSU, three days after his 26th birthday, and three months prior to Covid-19 her son passed from an accidental overdose of fentanyl. He needed more than one single mother could offer. He needed a community and a society that understands addiction and mental health and cares enough to ensure he and others have access to help and support. He needed a culture that cares enough to create safety for mothers and their children. Melanie's and UTC mission is to save the lives of our children and loved ones. 

Reece Gabriel means "Enthusiastic Messenger", and Melanie believes his message was one of unconditional love, tolerance, diversity and grace. All of our loved ones who have died from addiction, overdose, mental health, and suicide are sending very clear messages that we need to unite and care enough to transform our understanding and treatment of trauma.

We believe that together we can create a safe, nurturing, therapeutic space to heal trauma and heal the world!

We are working with transdisciplinary research and development teams to establish a nationwide standardized treatment model for emotional trauma and addiction recovery.